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Every woman deserves a better period and to feel confident, happy, and free.

The average pad does not allow for that, though. That’s why we decided to rethink what could be possible and create a new and improved product.

How We Started

Maeves was started by our founder, Oyin Dee after she was left frustrated with the options available. The other pads on the market could never offer the protection needed, which left her feeling self-conscious during the week of her period every month. 

She was tired of not being able to feel confident for an entire week of each month, and figured other women had to feel the same. After a long flight where another brand had fallen short and left her feeling uncomfortable, she decided to be the one to change this. 

She created Maeves pads and after three years of testing, finally found the perfect shape that actually fits the female form. She combined this form with advanced materials that quickly absorb moisture and lock it away.

Maeves pads now provide women with a product that can give them peace of mind and confidence they need during their period. 

Woman reaching for a Maeves pad box from bed
Woman lying on a white bed hugging her stomach

How Are Maevespads Different?

At Maeves, we’re a different type of company. Women-founded, women-led, and women-designed, our pads offer super absorbency, but also the confidence to work and play like it’s any other day, even on your heaviest days. From the office to a girls’ night out, Maeves pads go the distance.

It’s not just daytime protection, either. Our overnight pads are designed so you can sleep comfortably and wake up feeling well-rested. Say goodbye to bulky, sticky, wet pads, and hello to the confidence you need to take on the world!

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is simple – to provide a high-quality, leak-proof sanitary pad for all women, regardless of flow level, size, or lifestyle.

We believe in building transparent and strong relationships with our customers. To do that, we ensure that every interaction is founded on honesty, integrity, and genuine care for your well-being.

Innovative Pad Technology and Design

Diagram of the layers of our pads including a non-toxic adhesive layer, easy to peel paper sheet, sterilized paper composite with super absorbent polymer to lock in fluid, fluid distribution layer, side leak guard, and comfortable top layer for quick absorption

Ingredients You Can Trust

At Maeves, we believe every woman deserves a worry-free period. All three pad styles we offer are designed to ensure comfort, dryness, and peace of mind at all times, by minimizing period leaks thanks to our super-permeable materials and fluid lock system to improve absorbency and fluid volume capacity. Period days shouldn’t be uncomfortable – every woman deserves to feel confident and poised, even on her period.

Our pads are manufactured with safe, non-hazardous materials, including:

Air-laid, non-woven materials

·  Polyethylene (PE)

·  Polypropylene (PP)

·  Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

*PE, PP, and PET are safe materials present in many everyday products and medical devices. They are used in our air-laid, non-woven, ADL and breathable, fluid-resistant outer layer.

Wood pulp (US sourced)

·  We source high-quality, safe wood pulp from the US

·  Wood pulp is biodegradable and sourced from renewable resources (trees)

·  Wood pulp is used in everyday products

Hot Melt Adhesive

·  Non-toxic adhesive to deliver a worry-free hold day and night

Tested for Safety

As part of our commitment to ensuring you have the best possible protection during your period, Maeves products go through multiple rounds of human testing (we never test on animals) with no adverse side effects. All of our pads are chlorine-free, scent-free, and contain no pesticides.