Headshot of Maeves founder, Oyindamola Amariah Bennette
Our founder, Oyindamola Amariah Bennette, or Dee as we like to call her around here, created Maeves pads to help women feel confident and empowered during their period. 

As all people who menstruate know, periods can be a tough time and we don't need to add to that by feeling concerned if we are fully protected. 

After being fed up with the options available to her, she decided to take things into her own hands and create a product that would actually work, no matter your flow. 

Her educational background helped immensely in the creation of Maeves as she has a BSc. in Chemistry at the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a PharmD at the Appalachian college of Pharmacy Virginia.

Three years of testing and tinkering later, Dee created the Maeves Pads our clients love so much today. 

She is committed to uplifting and advocating for women and feels fully aligned with the beautiful way Maeves serves to do just that. We are currently giving back to local organizations  and she looks forward to be able to do so on a bigger platform as the business grows. 

Dee grew up in Nigeria and currently lives and practices pharmacy in Dallas, Texas.