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Ultra-Thin Super Absorbency Sanitary Pads- 2 Packs

$15.99 USD

Some days, you just need extra peace of mind. Our Super Ultra-Thin Pads deliver the protection that you need. We use super-absorbent materials capable of quickly absorbing moisture and then locking it away. Like our regular pads, our super pads are surprisingly thin without sacrificing the protection that you deserve.

• Extra-layered side leak guard for additional protection
• Airlaid non-woven, silky-soft top layer for comfort and quick absorption
• Fluid Acquisition/Distribution Layer (ADL) for dryness
• Sterilized paper composite with super- absorbent polymer core to lock in fluid
• Breathable, fluid-resistant polyethylene bottom layer
• Non-toxic adhesive for a worry-free hold
• Easy-to-peel release paper

From the freedom of our Regular pads to the ultra-protection of our Overnight pads, Maeves cares about your health. Make sure to change your pad frequently for good hygiene and to protect your intimate areas.

Size Chart to Pick The Pad That Best Fits You
Size chart showing which pad is best for your level of flow. On the left is a regular pad for lighter flow days, in the middle is the super pad for medium flow days, and on the right is the overnight pad for your heaviest flow.

What You Won’t Find in Our Pads

  • No harsh chemicals
  • No artificial dyes or fragrances
  • No irritating additives
  • No chlorine or pesticides

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