Taking the Pressure off of Finding Your Purpose

Many times, in the past, I asked myself what my purpose here on earth is. For a long time, it felt like I needed a constant spiritual awakening and reawakening to ascertain my purpose here on earth. Just living was never enough. I thought I needed to be doing more than just taking up space and oxygen. A lot of us feel this way. I know this to be true because you don’t need to type the whole question into google before you see the drop down of many variations of the same question already asked by others. We all at some point in our lives have asked the very question. Who am I, and Why am I here?

Journal with coffee and a book nearby with a blanket

Asking your purpose here on earth is a valid question especially since a lot of life can feel mundane. There are a few exciting life moments here and there- like graduating college, getting married, having kids, starting a business, winning the lottery if you are a really lucky person but it can all become a boring and tedious adventure once the initial excitement wears off. Even when you find that really big life purpose, it might be exciting, only for a moment. Overtime, it becomes a part of your daily living, boredom sets in and you are on the lookout for the next big thing. 

It took me a while but I finally decided to start living purpose-free two years ago. I took a break from trying to find my purpose and made a choice to simply live. I gave myself permission to take up space and oxygen and to be ok with doing only that. As time went on, my outlook on life became more positive and I can report that I have achieved more mental, spiritual and personal growth since I decided to let go of the burden of life’s purpose.  

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Life’s purpose comes to people when they least expect it. Most people will tell you they fell into their purpose as a result of some life changing event whether good or bad. For others, their purpose is being a part of a community, being a mother, a father, a teacher, a doctor, a pharmacist (that’s me 😊) and the list goes on and on- those are beautiful enough reasons to feel alive.

I read somewhere that the key to happiness is having little to no expectations. Which means, having too high of expectations could lead to sadness brought on by disappointment from an expectation not met. There are no guarantees in life, but you must always do your best, and while you hope for the best in return, stay flexible and take advantage of each opportunity that presents itself. You may be surprised by what you might find. 

In living purpose-free, you can allow every part of life to be more fulfilling and without realizing it, you will be living your purpose. 

Living a purpose-free life is not permission to drop your goals and ambitions. It is permission to take things easy on yourself and to stop putting yourself under undue pressure. A big purpose means more work because to whom much is given, much more is expected, so the bigger your purpose here on earth, the more work you have to put into realizing it. So, take your time and savor these boring moments before life becomes too crazy busy to handle. Let purpose-free living be your main purpose this year. Live better and watch life unfold beautifully. 

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