The Best Underwear to Pair with Your Sanitary Pads


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If you use sanitary pads during your period, you look for one that you think will be the most comfortable. You probably know what you’re looking for in terms of sanitary pads, but have you considered whether the underwear you wear are appropriate for use with the sanitary pads? That's right, some styles of underwear are better suited for use with pads, while others should be avoided until your need for pads is over for the month. 

Choosing the Right Underwear for Your Sanitary Pads

Why does choosing the right underwear to wear matter?

You want the underwear to provide adequate space for your pad to lay properly. Things to pay attention to include the crotch width, the underwear size, material, and whether the underwear are *actually* comfortable. 

Which underwear are best to wear during your period?

Our top picks are classic briefs, high-cut briefs, and midrise underwear. The next best would be cheeky, hipster, and bikini panties. Although they aren't ideal, they will work if that's all you have available.

Our advice is to avoid thongs, tangas, g-strings, and boy shorts. Lacy underwear and those made of lycra or nylon should also be avoided during your period. We recommend avoiding those fabrics because they hold moisture and odor. Cotton, however, is the best fabric for use with sanitary pads because the material is breathable and moisture-wicking. 

Don't worry; you aren't condemned to wearing "granny panties." You also aren't required to wear black, even though that color is perfectly acceptable when you wear sanitary pads. You can still choose cute patterns and colors. 

Another consideration for your panties when wearing sanitary pads is the fit. You shouldn't wear panties that are too tight or too loose. Underwear that is the right size for you are perfect for wearing during your period. 

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Why These Recommended  Underwear are Better

You may wonder why we recommend classic briefs, high-cut briefs, and midrise underwear during your period. The crotch, technically called the gusset of these styles, is wider. The width of the crotch creates room for your sanitary pad to lay flatter. 

Gussets in underwear almost certainly contain a lining, usually cotton. There are four typical styles of linings in the crotch of a pair of underwear. Those are the fully enclosed lining, the "pocket" lining, the knit-in lining, and the bonded lining, with bonding often being the lining of choice in newer underwear. The style of lining refers to the method used to attach the lining to the underwear. 

The lining is designed to create additional reinforcement for the crotch area. It also provides breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Most, if not all, gusset linings are made from cotton to enhance absorption and breathability. 

Ensuring that you have the appropriate size underwear means the crotch will lay correctly to prevent your pad from bunching. You want to choose underwear that allows your pad to move with you. Otherwise, you will run the risk of embarrassing accidents, which we're on a mission to stop.

Our Suggestion

Sometimes women forget, or never knew, that the style of underwear they wear during their period makes a difference in how their sanitary pads fit. The classic brief is the best choice for periods because of the width of the crotch and the overall coverage of the panty. Thongs and g-strings should be avoided for those same reasons. Always choose a panty that fits properly because those will be the most comfortable for any time of the month. 

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