Puberty to Menopause: A Woman’s Reproductive Journey

Your reproductive years take up most of your life. They begin in girlhood, take you through all your child-bearing years, and see you into the twilight of your life. Most of your big decisions and life moves happen during that period (no pun intended), so understanding what your body is going through makes it easier to appreciate and enjoy along the way. Let’s jump right in at the beginning and follow this whirlwind to the end.

Menarche - The First Period

Confused girl

When the first period strikes, we’re all left wondering the same thing. What kind of crazy stuff is this? Welcome to menarche – the beginning of your reproductive journey. It’s the first time you menstruate and can begin as young as 10 years old. Menarche marks the beginning of puberty, so girls can expect breast development (and bra shopping!), oily skin, wider hips, and other body changes.

Have some fun with it! Buy new clothes, try out a new look, become best friends with a heating pad, and get acquainted with period products like Maeves sanitary pads.

Menstruation & the Menstrual Cycle

Welcome to the next 35 to 40 years of your life, ladies! Your menstrual cycle starts, stops, and begins again each month. The menstrual cycle has four main phases, each with its unique purpose (and set of frustrations).

  • Menstruation
  • Follicular Phase
  • Ovulation
  • Luteal Phase

During different parts of your cycle, you’ll range from high to low energy, able to get pregnant (and not), great moods and not-so-great ones. You get the picture. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster, but it’s also a major portion of your life! So, hang in there, indulge yourself at your favorite restaurant (or in the bedroom), get some exercise, pop some ibuprofen, and live your life.


You get a nine month pause from your period as you bring a new life into the world, but pregnancy comes with a whole host of confusing and amusing symptoms on its own. Have you ever wrapped a pickle around a pear? You might do it now!

Pregnancy is marked by constant changes within your body. Strap in for back pain, hip pain, breast pain, laughing until you cry, and crying until you laugh. Keep moving as long as you can, put your feet up, and do yourself a favor and invest in a pregnancy pillow!


Giving Birth


Mother and her baby

Welcome to the world, little one! Once you give birth, those aches, pains, and sleepless nights are all suddenly worth it. Whether you choose non-medicated birth, an epidural, a C-section, or another option - follow the guidance from your healthcare provider and remember to breathe.


Perimenopause is the blissful stage of having fewer periods yet not being in the full-blown stages of menopause. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts, shall we? It’d be nice to stay in such a sweet stage forever, but of course, we’re not quite that lucky! Perimenopause is a time of transition and it usually lasts around four years but can stretch as long as a decade.

Some people do experience some less fun side effects of perimenopause, like headaches, hot flashes, night sweats, changes in sex drive, mood changes, and so on. But if you can – think of perimenopause as a stepping stone to your next stage in life and live it up! Drink water, find a good multivitamin, keep exercising, and talk to your doctor if you think you need a bit of extra help navigating mood changes or other symptoms.



Lady is her 60s. Smiling cos life is good.

Menopause is here! You’ve made it to the end of your reproductive years, and there’s only one thing on your mind...

Estrogen! You’re going to need it! Between the hot flashes, sleep issues, mood changes, and more, you might need a helping hand. Luckily, hormonal treatments like estrogen therapy can help even things out and relieve some symptoms.

Now that menopause is here, it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some slower days. Take some time to travel, visit with grown-up kids or grandkids, and do the things you were too busy for in your youth!

Final Thoughts

Most of a woman’s life is marked by her reproductive cycle. Getting your first period takes you from childhood to being a young woman, and all those decades of living with a menstrual cycle may also include raising a family, starting a career, traveling, learning new skills, and so much more. It shows you everything your body can do, like creating a whole new person, and it’s a thrilling journey to be a part of. Yes, even the parts with cramps!

No matter which phase you’re in, Maeves is there with you. At every stage and every step, there’s a Maeves product to help you along!


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