Women’s History Month: Why We Love Being Women

March is Women’s History Month, which is something that deserves to be recognized by women everywhere. Past generations of women have fought for the freedoms we have now and paved the way for us to continue fighting against unequal treatment in various areas of our lives. This month, we want to highlight what we love about being women and then take a moment to recognize our challenges.

Best Things About Being a Woman

We all know being a woman is the best! Honestly, it’s hard to narrow down our favorite things that come with being the better gender lol. We tried our best, though, and have come up with a list of the most fun, unique perks of being a woman – some of these you may never have even thought of!

  • We live longer than men: On average, women live 5.8 years longer than men, meaning we get extra time to enjoy all the other perks of the female sex!
  • We carry purses: Honestly, what’s better than being able to take a bag full of everything you could possibly need when you leave the house? (We’ll ignore our tiny pant pockets, just this once)
  • Makeup: Nothing boosts our mood better than the perfect shade of lipstick or nailing cat-eye eyeliner. Makeup is a fun art that makes us feel better on a sad day.
  • Multiple orgasms: Really, this speaks for itself.
  • We’re excellent at multi-tasking: Have you ever tried to talk to a man while he’s watching TV? It’s impossible. Meanwhile, women are cooking dinner, answering homework questions, and dancing to music all at once on an ordinary Tuesday night. We’re essentially superheroes.
  • We get the best bathrooms: If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to use a men’s bathroom, you know how lucky women are. Women’s bathrooms are usually cleaner, smell better, and sometimes even have amazing soaps and a place to sit and relax on a couch – talk about fancy!

Acknowledging the Work Left to Be Done

While being a woman is an absolute honor that we should celebrate this month and every month, it’s important to bring attention to women's struggles. There’s still a noticeable pay gap between men and women, especially among women of color.

Many women must choose between having children or advancing in their careers because either their place won’t be held at their company or taking a few months off work for maternity leave can cause them to fall too far behind to advance.

Then there’s the pink tax. Shop for a women’s razor and then a men’s razor, and you’ll notice the women’s product is more expensive (and half the time, it’s not as good or comes with fewer refill blades). While companies are more often speaking against this and changing the market price on these items, there’s still a long way to go.

Final Thoughts

As a woman, you have a lot to celebrate and a lot that motivates you to keep fighting. The team at Maeves Pads is honored to be women and be able to honor the women in our lives who have paved the paths before us to accomplish our dreams of bringing amazing period products to women like you.

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