Gift Ideas for a Comfortable Period: Presents to Pamper Yourself and Loved Ones This Holiday Season

If there’s one thing we all want when we’re on our period, it’s to be pampered. The holiday season is a perfect time to supply your loved ones with gifts that make periods more manageable. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best period-related gifts to give the women in your life. Don’t worry; we won’t judge if you want to get yourself some of these, too!

Maeves Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads

Why not treat yourself and your loved ones to a bit of luxury with these pads? Maeves Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads are so quick-absorbing, you might just forget you're wearing them! Users rave about their softness and impressive absorbency. And the best part? They're unscented, making them perfect for anyone in need of period products.

With three different sizes available, you can pick the pads that cater to everyone's unique needs. 

And here's the cherry on top: Enjoy free shipping on all orders placed until the end of 2023. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your period experience even more delightful!

A Hot Water Bottle

A refillable hot water bottle is a great reusable, portable option for pain relief. Consider gifting a transparent bottle to make it easy to see how much water is in it, avoiding the potential of overfilling.

These hot water bottles are easy to pack on a trip, making them perfect for anyone on the go. Plus, you can get a cozy cover that looks like a sweater, making it fit the holiday festivities for extra flair.

Heating Pads

A heating pad is an excellent option for the homebody on your list. Heating pads come in many sizes and can be plugged into an outlet to provide hours of pain relief. Many heating pads have multiple temperature settings and timers, allowing for a personalized experience for anyone who uses them. 

Bonus points: heating pads are great for pains other than cramps, making this a gift they’re sure to get tons of use out of.

A First Period Kit

If you’ve got a pre-teen girl on your shopping list, consider getting her a kit for her first period. You can either buy a pre-made kit or make one to tailor it to the receiver. Typically, these kits will include pads, tampons, heat patches, pain relievers, and even some chocolate: everything you need to navigate your first period.

Fluffy Slippers

We all want to be comfortable during our period, so having the perfect pair of slippers is key. There are so many styles of slippers available you’re sure to find some that fit anyone’s style. Nothing beats snuggling up on the couch with your favorite period snacks and your feet staying warm in soft, comfy slippers. 

Dark Chocolate

Many women crave sweets and chocolate when on their periods. Consider stuffing stockings with a delicious dark chocolate bar. Dark chocolate is a healthier alternative to milk chocolate; some even claim it can help relieve period cramps. Whether that’s true or not, having a chocolate bar on hand never hurts.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Many women recommend drinking red raspberry leaf tea during the third trimester of pregnancy, but it’s also a great drink option for anyone on their period. This tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can help lessen the pain of cramps. Plus, sitting down to enjoy a cup of hot tea is a great way to unwind during your period.

Face Masks

It never hurts to have a little extra pampering during that time of the month. Consider gifting the women in your life some face masks they can enjoy when they need to decompress. Choosing face masks that help with breakouts is a great idea since many women deal with acne while on their period.

Period-Tracking Calendar Stickers

If you have a friend who still uses a physical calendar or planner, you can stuff their stocking with cute stickers they can use to track their cycle. Websites like Etsy are full of sticker sheets you can choose from, ensuring you can find a set that meets the receiver’s needs.

Some options include little graphics of blood drops or tampons, sheets that have reminder stickers for birth control, or stickers that track your daily flow.

Quirky Gift Ideas

While periods can be uncomfortable, and many people find them taboo, there are great period-related gifts for the women in your life with an immense sense of humor.

If you’ve got a friend or family member who loves to be open about her period, consider these fun gift options:

  • A uterus-shaped pillow
  • A shark blanket for “shark week”
  • A funny period enamel pin
  • A conversation-starting period t-shirt


The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to shower your loved ones with period presents. No matter who is on your shopping list, you will find a perfect period gift for any woman this holiday season.



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