Tips for Your Feminine Health Journey in 2024

Happy New Year! Now’s the time for women everywhere to start their New Year’s resolutions. If you’re joining the crowd, keep reading for simple tips on improving your feminine health journey in 2024.


Let’s be honest: nutrition is one of the most common areas for New Year’s resolutions. If you’re focusing on bettering your nutrition in 2024, here are some nutritionist-approved tips for success!

  • Eat Breakfast: Skipping breakfast makes you more likely to snack as the day progresses. Plus, not jump-starting your metabolism with food in the morning will slow it down, making it harder to lose weight.
  • Cut Out Sodas and Sugary Drinks: Sodas, sweet, iced tea, lemonade, and fruit juices are heavy on calories and sugars. Replace these drinks with water to optimize your nutrition. If you’re craving a sugary drink, mix fruit juice with water to reduce the sugar you’re drinking.
  • Buy Pre-Cut Produce: Not having to cut up your fruits and veggies beforehand makes it much easier to grab healthier snacks when hungry. Most grocery stores sell precut melons, berries, and vegetables, saving time and setting you up for successful snacking.

Mental Health

Are you looking to improve your mental health in the new year? We could use a boost in this area, especially during the cold, dark winter months. Improving your mental health will help you have a more optimistic outlook in 2024. Here are some ways to change your lifestyle and see improvements in your mental health:

  • Cut down on drinking: The holiday season usually includes more alcohol than we’re used to. Take the new year as a chance to cut back on the amount of alcohol you’re ingesting and see how it improves your mental health.
  • Prioritize your physical health: When you feel better physically, you also feel better mentally. Revamp your eating habits and fit some regular workout sessions into your schedule for a mental health boost.
  • Practice self-care: Figure out what makes you happy and make time for it. As the busy season ends, it’s time to prioritize time for yourself to improve your mind. Consider quiet time with a book, a spa visit, or picking up a hobby.
  • Social Media Detox: The biggest hurt for optimism and mental health is comparing yourself to others. Use the new year as a chance to take a social media break. You’ll find yourself living in the moment more and comparing yourself to others less, improving your mental health tremendously.

Professional Spotlight: Pharmacists

Cartoon image of a pharmacist with Rx pad and medication bottle by her side

January 12th is National Pharmacist Day, so we want to take a moment to honor the hardworking female pharmacists in our community. Pharmacists spend a lot of time on their feet, which can be hard on their physical and mental health. Throw in a monthly period, and these female pharmacists are total rock stars

Are you a pharmacist looking for ways to be more comfortable at work during that time of the month? Using a period pad that stays dry against your skin will improve your health and comfort during long work shifts. Maeves Pads were designed with hardworking women like you in mind!

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